2018 Goals (updated)

  • Sub 60 10k
  • Win Race – I’ll take any win, probably won’t happen but it’s still a goal
  • Stay with the pack on a Cat 5 road ride/race (don’t get dropped)
  • Cyclocross.. as soon as Cyclocross season starts… focus on Cap City CX.  Upgrade to Cat 4.  Go for the age group and Cat 4 classes.
  • 300 FTP – To get to 4 Watts/KG I need to get to 300 FTP and see below.
  • 74kg – still need to lose 10 lbs.
  • 16% Body Fat
  • Top 10 in Sport Class for 2018 OMBC Season
  • Top 5 in Sport Class for a Race
  • Mohican 100K – This is an awesome event that’s less than an hour away and I need to do it!
  • Run Marathon or Trail Marathon… Mohican 26.2????  Do IT!
  • 7,000 miles cycling
  • 700 miles running

What would make an ideal season?

2018 is the year I focus on building endurance.  I’m working now on my endurance base.  I need to be able to ride & run over 4 hours straight without quitting.  I’ve proved that I can go 2 hours, but my legs are at their limit.  I need to get my eating and hydration right.  I have to get a lot of things right.  If I get these things, then I would say 2018 has been amazing.  Getting most of those would mean that I made it to another level.

  • Winning a CX race
  • Finishing a marathon
  • Finishing the Mohican 100k
  • Finishing top 5 in Sport 40-49 overall
  • 16% body fat

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